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Passive monthly income
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Investor calculator

Your deposit
least 5 000 Kč
2 000 000 Kč
Investment time
1 year
10 years
Average interest rate (according to risk)
5 %
60 %

Expected profit

16 500

3,6 % yearly

Current list of loan applications

Nickname Amount Interest Overpay Number of payments Expires in Loan type Detail
Dusanko 5 000 Kč 60 % 910 Kč 6 28 days Without proof of income
Miži 35 000 Kč 46 % 35 980 Kč 42 27 days Proof of income
Paní 20 000 Kč 30 % 3 400 Kč 12 27 days Proof of income
Karlos 75 000 Kč 30 % 54 600 Kč 48 27 days Proof of income
Hanovere 120 000 Kč 20 % 70 740 Kč 60 27 days Proof of income with warrantor
sido5d5 23 000 Kč 45 % 19 300 Kč 36 26 days Proof of income
milda4607 30 000 Kč 30 % 21 840 Kč 48 26 days Proof of income
Prexik 7 000 Kč 50 % 2 036 Kč 12 26 days Without proof of income
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Naši nejlepší investoři

Nickname Zisk v %
58 %
51 %
47 %
45 %
41 %

How to start



First you need to register with us and create an investor profile. Fill in the required data and enter into a Cooperation Agreement with us by checking the appropriate box. You will have this contract available at any time in your client zone after registration. We will also need to upload proof of identity from both sides. If everything is in order, we will then approve your investor account.


Choosing a loan

Our rule applies: one investor - one borrower, ie as an investor you always invest the entire amount in a loan to a specific person. The minimum loan amount that the applicant can set is CZK 5,000. You can choose different loan profiles according to riskiness. Most risks are associated with loans without proof of income, so there is also the highest interest rates. In total, it is possible to choose from 6 types of loans.


Applicant info and a preview of the Loan Agreement

If you are interested in the demand for financing a specific person, you can view the draft Loan Agreement by clicking on the "Documents and agreements" button. In the case of an application for a loan with proof of income, also bank statements for the last 3 months, or payslips, tax returns, pension assessments or other documents uploaded by the applicant for funding. Of course, the preview itself does not bind you to anything. If you decide to invest, just click on the "Accept" button. If not, you will return to the list of requested loans with the button and you can proceed similarly to another loan.


Verification of the debtor and conclusion of the Loan Agreement

After clicking on the "Accept" button, it will generate your Loan Agreement and we will send a unique code to your e-mail. It will also send another code to the applicant for funding. Furthermore, we will check the applicant in the Central Register of Executions, whether there is no execution on his property. We will also check if he is not insolvent. If everything is OK, we will inform you by email and you will be able to enter your unique code in the window in your client zone, this will conclude the Loan Agreement.


Transfer of funds for investment

According to the Loan Agreement, you have 5 days to send the invested amount to the account specified in the Agreement. You can send the amount via the generated QR code or by normally entering a payment order. However, do not forget to fill in the variable symbol so that the amount can be correctly assigned to a specific loan and borrower.


Repayments of your investment by the borrower

In the client zone, you can now monitor the repayment of your investment by the borrower. You can view the date of the monthly payment, the amount or number of installments that still remain. Statistics with a graph, according to which you can measure the performance of your loan investments are also available. The chart contains the amount you have invested, the amount already repaid by the debtors and the total amount to which you are entitled under the Debtors Agreements.

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