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Risks of investing

Investing in P2P loans also carries its risks like many other investments. JBank will try to provide you with the best possible support in the form of accurate information about a specific loan applicant and we will assist you in case of any other questions you may have towards the applicant. However, the selection of the applicant and the possible investment of money in the loan is entirely up to you and we cannot be held responsible for your investment.

The client should not directly or indirectly engage in any investment in P2P loans unless he knows and fully understands the risks associated with each particular borrower. Therefore, before investing his money in P2P loans, the investor should carefully consider whether it is appropriate for him to invest in the loan.


Payment Delay

Borrowers may be in arrears and pay overdue, so you do not have to receive the money in your bank account on the specified date.


Repayment Interruption

Debtors may stop repaying in full, in which case the remaining debt will be so-called repayable and will be enforced in court.


Amount Owed

The court does not have to grant the investor all the accessories, as a result of which the total amount owed may be reduced.



The debtor can go into insolvency, where the insolvency administrator does not have to declare all the interest.