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Getting a loan has never been easier. In case you cannot borrow money from your bank, for example due to a short credit history or irregular income, we are here for you.


10 000
75 000
300 000
Repayment period
6 months
12 months
84 months
Annual interest
5 %
5 %
10 %
Monthly payment
Pozor, u tohoto typu půjčky je fixní poplatek 1 000 Kč!
Overview What is possible
to take a loan for?
Loan consolidation
Car repair
Household equipment
... and more
Benefits Why should you choose us?
Everything online on one website
No paperwork and exaggerated formalities
Overview of payments in our client zone
No need of proof of income
No payments in advance
No need to go to the post office and offices
We are licensed by the Czech National Bank
Conditions for Obtaining a Loan What is necessary?
You must not be insolvent or executed
You must be at least 18 years old
You must provide valid documents
Loan How it works?
How to obtain a loan?


The first step to getting a loan is to use our calculator to calculate everything and set. To begin with, you need to choose the type of loan you want investors to apply for. You can choose from 6 categories. It is up to you whether you want to prove income or add a guarantor to the loan. You can also choose the amount of the loan, the length of repayment in months, the annual interest and also the amount of the monthly payment. Once you have selected the parameters, you can continue.



Registration includes several steps, you need to enter personal information, then it is important to fill out a short questionnaire with information such as the amount of your earnings from employment or business, the amount of repayments of your other loans or a description of the purpose for which you would like to use the investor loan. All this information is important for the investor to decide whether to choose you for his investment.


Other necessary data and documents

It is possible to apply for a loan only if you are a citizen of the Czech Republic, an EU country or you have a permanent residence permit in the Czech Republic and at the same time you are at least 18 years old. It is also necessary to have a bank account in the Czech Republic. In order to check the correctness of the entered data, we need you to upload a photo or a copy of your ID card from both sides during registration. If you are a foreigner outside the EU and you have a permanent residence permit in the Czech Republic, we will need a copy or photo of your residence permit.


Checking registers and loan applications

After filling in the mentioned questionnaire and uploading the documents, we will check the whole application to see if everything is in order and nothing is missing. We will also verify that you do not have execution or are not insolvent. If so, you will have to solve everything first and only then can you apply for a loan.


Demand approval

If everything is in order, you are not in execution or insolvency, if the questionnaire is complete, you have filled in your bank account and you have uploaded all the necessary documents, so we will immediately approve the request and post it on our website. However, if any documents are missing or something is wrong, we will ask you for an email that you filled in during registration to complete or edit them. However, the approval of the demand on our part does not mean and does not guarantee that the investor will choose your loan for his investment. But everything is on the right track.

The investor chose my loan application.
What's next?

Close loan aggreement

If the investor is interested in your request, you will receive information from us by email. Now it's up to you whether to enter into a loan agreement. Closing is easy and intuitive. All you have to do is enter the sent unique code, which you received in an email in the field in your client zone, and the contract is thus electronically signed.


We will check you in the Central Register of Executions and the Insolvency Register

In order to protect investors' money, we will check whether execution is currently being conducted against you and we will obtain an extract from the Central Register of Executions and we will also check everything in the insolvency register. If everything is in order, we will submit the contract to the investor for signature.


Investor will close loan agreement

The investor will undergo the same contracting process as you and will also fill in a unique code, which will lead to a valid contracting.


Investor sends the money

After concluding the contract, the investor has 5 days to send the money he lends to you. So please do not expect to have money in your account immediately after concluding the contract.


You are repaying the loan

At the beginning of the loan agreement, you will find the day on which the monthly payment must be paid. The best way to do this is to set up a standing order in your bank for the amount of the monthly payment with a variable symbol in the form of a loan agreement number, as a precaution at least 2 days before the repayment date. Your repayment schedule as well as the concluded loan agreement are available at any time in your client zone and you can monitor the progress of repayment, the remaining amount due or the repayment date.

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